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Conversations with
Queer Futurists

In order to develop Gender Play at this time of social distancing, we created the Zoom event Teacakes & Tarot through Island Shakespeare Festival's Playground Series. 

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In Teacakes & Tarot, we invite a queer theatre maker for a chat and a tarot reading. Then, we share some of the newest pages from our show, Gender Play. It's one part cocktail party, one part slumber party, and one part premiere party all in 30 minutes! Gender Play asks the audience to make room for interpretation.  Much like the tarot: it's all about intention. Together, Will & Shakespeare revisit your favorite characters and, along with a little help from the major arcana, discover a
non-binary epic waiting to be told.

Both Teacakes & Tarot and Gender Play seek to illuminate the question: who gets to tell what stories and how?

Watch our Teacakes & Tarot Zoom interviews below.

Please contact us to view performance excerpts from Gender Play.

You can also listen to Teacakes & Tarot as a podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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