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educational outreach

Our gender agenda

Gender Play steps off the stage to create inclusive approaches to performance and Shakespeare training. Our curriculums have been developed in classrooms with students of all backgrounds and disciplines.


Our unique approaches to performance and Shakespeare activate the 21st century student's understanding and celebrate their interpretation to bring the Bard's voice into the future

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OUR Student Performances

Want to bring Gender Play to your college or high school main stage? Contact us to learn more about our ability to bring your students the full Gender Play journey with less design demands. 

Island Shakespeare Festival audience member

What a wonderful experience! Thank you for reawakening my interest in theatre & Shakespeare!

Northwestern University undergraduate acting student

This workshop empowered me to take ownership of Shakespeare's texts... and it allowed me to explore new areas of myself!

University of Pittsburgh gender studies student

My favorite moment was by far the history of Shakespeare and his queerness. It was told in an incredibly engaging way with a great sense of humor!

Our Past Outreach Partners

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