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or What You Will

"This incredibly original theatrical production isn’t exactly a play. It’s more like a Happening...."

Will is a trans actor seeking to belong and feeling frustrated at not seeing their story reflected onstage. In their most desperate hour, they reach out for help. They hold a seance and summon the oldest and queerest playwright they can think of: William Shakespeare! Soon, the two become total besties, and together Will & Will reclaim the Bard’s old plays in all their original homoerotic, cross-dressing, gender-fluid glory. Now, Will invites you to an impromptu party to celebrate their new friendship. But to meet the guest of honor, we must perform the seance again, together.

Gender Play, or what you Will promises a mystical evening of queer joy, laughter, tarot, and more than a little self-discovery.

Gender Play seeks to re-establish

queer space in Shakespeare and

welcome new audiences to his work.

Use the Contact page to request a performance excerpt from Gender Play.

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